Secure Lockable Geocache Container Puzzle or Muggle Proof Cache Combination


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Secure Lockable Geocache Combination Container Puzzle 
or Muggle Proof Cache – Very strong !!

Secure CHANGEABLE Combination Lock Geocache Container 

Muggle Proof or a Perfect Puzzle Cache 

Make your NEXT Geocache virtually un-stealable

This can be securely attached to anything by a high strength Steel Clasp and locked in place with a combination lock. 

Find a tree branch, fence, railings or anything secure and just lock in place
Finders need the code to open so why not make that part of the fun with a puzzle

Official Geocache Labelled and All ‘Logged and Ready to Hide’

Water & Rip Proof Log installed with Waterproof Bag

Loaded with a 30mm Log Sheet with space for over 80+ finds

Material: Zinc alloy  /  Color: Grey

Overall Height: 153mm (55mm padlock shackle)
Overall Width: 64mm  /  Overall Depth: 42mm
Internal Safe Height: 70mm  /  Internal Safe Width: 40mm  /  Internal Safe Depth: 25mm

These are BIG enough for Trackables and small swaps to be placed INSIDE

Please read the operating instructions carefully before you operate the lock or try to set a new combination of numbers.
The key safe is delivered without a code you will need to save your chosen code the first time you use it

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