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Hiding Geocaches

Hiding Geocaches

Before considering your first geocache hide, suggest that you find a variety of caches in your area. Seeing caches in a variety of locations, in different containers and hidden by a variety of users will help you understand what makes a great cache hide. This makes it more likely that you too will hide an interesting cache that everyone will enjoy!

As you prepare to place your cache, review’s Guide to Hiding a Cache and the Geocache Listing Guidelines. It is important that you understand these guidelines before submitting a cache for review.

When I submit a new cache for publication, how long will it take to be listed?

Each cache that is submitted to is reviewed by a volunteer to ensure that the cache meets the Geocaching Listing Guidelines. It may take up to seven days for the volunteer to contact you and make your cache live on the web site. Sometimes the volunteer will need to work with you to fine-tune the listing so it can be published. kindly ask for your patience during this review process, especially on weekends when site traffic can be high.