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Start Geocaching

3 Steps to Begin Your Adventure!

Step 1: Create a free geocaching account. Create Here

Explore, find and log geocaches around the world. You can also get access to more tools to make geocaching even better with a Geocaching Premium membership.


Step 2: Find a geocache.

Use or the official Geocaching® apps for iPhone and Android to pick a geocache and navigate to its location.


Step 3: Share your experience.

Once you find it, sign and date the logbook, re-hide the geocache exactly how you found it, and share your experience online.


What Equipment do You Need?

  • GPS or Smart phone – An essential piece of equipment! Download the App to IOS or Android
  • Mobile Phone – Always carry a mobile phone with you in case you find yourself in a difficult situation. It is also useful to have a phone so that you can ring or text another geocacher for an extra hint if you’re struggling to find the geocache.
  • Pen/Pencil – Not all geocaches have a pen or pencil, so carry one just in case. See our range here
  • Spare Batteries – You don’t want to run out of power so always carry a spare set with you.
  • Snacks/Drinks – As with any outdoor activity, staying hydrated is important. Take along an ample supply.
  • Extra Clothing – Check the weather forecast before you go and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Always be ready for possible changes in weather.
  • Maps – A real map (such an Ordnance Survey map) is arguably essential in case your GPS or smart phone runs out of power.
  • Tweezers – Some log sheets are hard to remove, so tweezers can be handy to extract the log sheets or geocaches from tight spaces. See our range here
  • Compass – Useful to have to help you navigate.See our range here
  • Whistle – A great safety device – just in case. See our range here
  • First Aid Kit – Useful especially if geocaching with kids. Remember wet wipes, insect repellent and sunscreen. See our range here
  • Torch – Good to have in case it gets dark. It is also useful to search in dark hidey holes, such as a large tree hollow. See our range here
  • Geoswag – Bring lots of swaps – remember to trade with items of equal or greater value. See our range here
  • Hiking Stick – Great for hill walking but also looking for geocaches in nettles or hedges.
  • Geocache Repair Kit – It’s nice to be able to do some TLC when needed. Always ask the CO if they would like their log sheets if you replace them. See our range here
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