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Welcome to AllCachedUp UK

Geocaching Supplies from the New Forest Hampshire

We are a UK Online supplier of quality Geocaching goods and supplies,we are based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom and have been selling online since 2004 and expanding to geocaching supplies in 2014

We sell from stock, a large range of Travel Bugs, Trackable Geocaching Tags, Geocache Stickers and Clings, Geocaching Clothing, Geocaching Bags, Pens and Pencils. Lots of items for Essential Geocache maintenance including fully waterproof Geocache Log sheets and books. All types of Geocache Containers from the very smallest Micro Geocache or Nano Geocaches to larger Geocache containers

We can make custom Geocache Trackable Tags fully approved by Groudspeak USA and we are licensed manufacturers of Groudspeak items such as Travel Bug stickers and Trackable Tags we are also distributors of Cache Buddies and Coins and Pins

Huge range of Geocaching items including ready to hide Geocaches of all sizes and Geocache Camouflage and a large range of Trackables like Travel Bugs, Cache Buddies, Cachekinz , Coins & Pins and Travel Track Tags

If you cant see what you want then please contact us and we can either source or add it to our growing geocaching stock list

Please follow us below for Offers, Useful Tips and Competitions. Happy Geocaching.

AllCachedUp Shop UK – Travel Bugs – Trackable Tags – Geocache Containers – Sneaky Geocaches – Natural Geocaches – Custom Made Trackables – Camouflague – Geocaching Clothing – Geocache Stickers and Labels – Weatherproof Log Books – Rite in the Rain Log Sheets

“For everything Geocaching from right here in the United Kingdom”

AllCachedUp UK are not in any way responsible or liable for Caches or their final placement. All aspects of your Geocache hides and their placement are your responsibility, and you may be held liable for any resulting consequences. These guidelines are subject to change.

Local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place.

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