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Geocache Smart NFC Card for logging a find or revealing parts of a puzzle for CO


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Geocache Smart NFC Card
Fully Waterproof
Pop this in your geocache
Finders scan in the field to take them directly to your 
geocaches page on
reveal parts of a puzzle cache information
Works with almost all newer smart phones with NFC Technology
(some may require NFC Apps) we recommend ‘GoToTags’
These are programmed by us on site and locked so they can not be overwritten
Please provide us AT TIME OF ORDER or by MESSAGE the details for the card which can be only one thing
Please provide text for to be displayed on the finders phone
If you want to direct the finder to the geocaches page please provide your GX number
We can also write many other functions like, direct to any web address, 
send a text or email, show coordinates on a map, a Facebook Page 
and just about anything else
MIFARE Classic® 1k chip
ABS material and waterproof
Full Compatibly list 


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